Here are some hotels and motels that you can check directly via their website:

1. Hotels in Cat Ba Island

Hotel and hostel name Address Rating Website/Contact
Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa On the beach 4 star
Cat Ba Sunrise Resort On the beach 4 star
Sea Pearl hotel Centre 3 star
Holiday View Hotel Centre 3 star
Sunflower Hotel Centre 3 star
Hunglong hotel Centre 3 star
Princes hotel Centre 3 star
Gieng ngoc hotel Centre 2 star
Sun and Sea hotel Centre 2 star
Hương Sen hotel Centre hostel + 84 2253 887 381
Catba Plaza Beo habour Hostel + 84 2253.888 129
Bay View Centre hostel + 84 2253.688 241
Thao Minh Centre Hostel + 84 2253.888 408
Thu ha Centre Hostel + 84 2253.888.343
Bao Long Nui Ngoc street Hostel + 84.982.18.6798
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2. Restaurant & Bar in Cat Ba island

Here are some restaurants are recommended by Lonely Planet:

Bamboo Café (Mùng Một Tháng Tứ Street, the price from 80,000VND- 120,000VND)

This is the most wonderful restaurant in Cat Ba Island to enjoy seafood (Vietnamese and Europe dishes).

Vien Duong restaurant (12 Nui Ngoc Street, the price from 100,000VND)

A lot of people choose this place to enjoy seafood because of its reasonable price. In here, crabs and squids are cooked deliciously and freshly and seafood hotpot is the best one.

Family Bakery (194 Mùng Một Tháng Tư street, the price from 80,000VND to 120,000VND)

In the store, you can enjoy Turkey bread and almond bread while drinking a cup of coffee.

Green Mango (Mùng Một Tháng Tư street, the price from 150,000VND to 220,000VND)

This place is quite interesting to enjoy good wine, cocktail and the most delicious espresso in Cat Ba island. Besides, the store also has pizza, spaghetti and Asia foods to try.

Bar in Cat Ba island

Flightless Bird Café (Mung Mot Thang Tu street)

The bar is designed with New Zealand style with pictures of All Blacks rugby team.

Good Bar (Mung Mot Thang Tu Street)

The bar is very eventful opened to midnight with interesting activities.

3. Motor bike for rent in Cat Ba

Thuê xe đảo cát bà, vịnh lan hạIf you want to get good environment in Cat Ba and eco active for visiting Cat Ba national park, hospital cave, Trung Trang cave and fish villages then go back by different way on the side of coastline... go with a motor bike to experience. It is easy to rent one when you call to  +84 983.88 77 97 or just go straight to 194, ¼ street, Cat Ba town they have many kind of motor bike can make you satisfied with.

4. Medical shop in Cat Ba

The greatest risk to the physical wellbeing of travellers is posed by motorcycling, cycling and adventurous activities such as rock climbing. sometime just feel sich because of different envirorment,

Cat Ba's medical facilities are very basic. There is a larger hospital in Haiphong. If possible and on doctors advice, try and have medical treatment in Hanoi.But there are some medical shop may help you in some case as Tue San Medical shop address: 148A , ¼ street, Cat Ba town (near Cat ba market)

Hiệu thuốc đảo cát bà, vịnh lan hạ Tuệ San Hiệu thuốc đảo cát bà, vịnh lan hạ Tuệ San Hiệu thuốc đảo cát bà, vịnh lan hạ Tuệ San

5. Best time to visit Cat Ba island

Summer time is peak time for tourism to Cat Ba both domestically and from other countries. In Vietnam hot weather is between April and November, Vietnamese people peak time to Cat Ba should be from April to August. However going to Cat Ba during September to November you could enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that is somewhat relaxing also.

In Cat Ba 1st April is the festival launching tourism season annually. If you go there during winter i.e from December to March it is quite cold and not advisable to swim.