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Since setting up the first sail boat in 2012, Manh Dat cruise has earned its place among the most well-reputed cruise operators in Cat Ba and now we have founded and runned by CatBaGreenTrail Travel and have a large fleet of Manh Dat cruise boats on the island.

Boat name Boat number Capacity Boat information
Manh Dat 08 HP 30K – 2515 30 guests 20m in length, 4m in width, engine with 63 horsepowers
Manh Dat 09 HP 25K - 2030 25 guests 18 in length, 4m in width, engine with 63 horsepower
Manh Dat 16 HP 36k - 3861 36 guests 22 in length, 5m in width, engine with 63 horsepower
Manh Dat 68 HP 48K - 3739 48 guests 25m in length, 6m in width, engine with 110 horsepower

Manh Dat 08 and Manh Dat 09 have one  restroom in each, one comfortable guest room with fan and nice design. The furniture is regularly maintained. Top deck is very nice place to lay back and take photograhps

- Manh Dat 16 has one bedroom. The private bath room with hot water shower. The boat also have a spacious guest room with 2 restrooms and beautiful top deck for relaxing or catching the sunrise and sunset

- Manh Dat 68 our new and the biggest boat. There are one guest room for 48 people with fan and nice furniture. 2 comfortable rest room always ready and clean. Top deck is always the best choice for guest to lie down for relaxing after hours  kayaking and swimming

All boat are equipped with wifi internet, so that you can access at anywhere and any time

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we accept payment via